Kriss Kyle at Unit 23

Next Red Bull athlete day was with Kriss Kyle all the way north of the border just outside Glasgow at the UK's largest indoor skate park - Unit 23.  Unit 23 is massive, photos don't do it justice.  It's an old distillery and if you get the chance go and ride it, it is well, well worth the trip.

It was a pretty crazy shoot as we had Unit 23 booked from 8pm, the guys were so hyped to be riding with Kriss Kyle that we literally had to drag them onto the bus at 4am!

View from the train up to Edinburgh

Just one section of Hall 2 at Unit 23

Hall 1, Unit 23

Some images from the night...

I also got time to take a few shots of some of the Red Bull guys hitting a little ramp section in Hall 2


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