Eynsford Ford

Getting a waterproof housing is probably one of the best summer decisions I have ever made.  As temperatures rise and everyones getting hot n bothered I'm just splashing around in cool clear waters. This time at Eynsford in Kent.  My mate Paul Cheese will soon be off on his next mission.  Last year he cycled the four furthest points of mainland Britain and recorded and album on the way.  This year Europe is the plan.  To find out more check out Paul's website

Anyhow, back to the shoot.  Real simple idea... Paul "I'll ride as fast as I can into the ford", me "I'll be in the water waiting..."  and thats exactly what we did.

We had Elouise on hand to take a few BTS photos, hold lights, second shoot and generally just be awesome.

BTS photos to follow but here are a couple of images from the shoot...

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