Wings For Life World Run

Wings for Life is a spinal cord research charity that has all its administrative costs covered by Red Bull.  The aim of the charity, which was founded in 2003,  is to find a cure for spinal cord injury.  As part of the fundraising that is required to pay for the research, this year Wings For Life organised the World Run - thirty four race tracks across thirty three countries with almost 140,000 runners all setting off at exactly the same time.  To find out more about the race and its unique format visit -

The UK's race was at Silverstone and not only encompassed the race track but also the surrounding villages and countryside of Northamptonshire.  I was asked to shoot some images for the runners handbook and although it was actually quite a challenging shoot (for several reasons) it was a real fun shoot and I got to race my car around Silverstone race track as we went form one location to another.  Not everyday you get to do that!

Here are some shots from the shoot and to see more of my work head on over to my website -


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