Red Bull Winch Sessions

Its been raining non-stop for what seems like forever, its raining now and it'll probably be raining later and with all this water, there is going to be a bit of flooding.  Just enough flooding in fact to get a wakeboarder up and carving through a car park!

With the Red Bull winch in the back of the truck and wakeboarders Jack Hammersley and Jorge Gill kitted up we hit our first spot...  A couple of park benches in Guildford.

Then as the light started to fade on us we hit the second spot and the one that we were most hyped about.
We had to work quick and grab what we could before we drew too much attention to ourselves.

To find out more about the shoot and the riders have a look at the story and the photos that were published by the Daily Mail Online - Click the image below...

To see other images from the shoot head on over to my website -


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